47700 AVS 2.0 DUO ERV - no longer available

47700 AVS 2.0 DUO ERV - no longer available
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Venmar AVS 2.0 DUO


Homeowners who want the best in energy-recovery ventilation choose the Duo 2.0 for its heat and moisture recovery efficiency, its reliability and very quiet operation. When used along with the Altitude IAQ wall control with SMART mode (automated ventilation based on indoor relative humidity and outdoor temperature), the Duo 2.0 allows you to optimize your ventilation and your energy consumption. The Duo is a great choice for year-round ventilation in larger homes* that reduces your air conditioning loads in summer and your heating requirements in winter.

*Refer to local Building Code.


CFM 110/169
Main Wall Control Altitude, Deco-Touch, Lite-Touch, Simple-Touch, Constructo
Filter Washable foam
Warranty on parts 5 years
Warranty on core or thermal wheel                                        5 years
ENERGY STAR © qualified No
HVI certified Yes

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