40445 Altitude Control

40445 Altitude Control
  • Item #: 40445
  • Manufacturer: Venmar
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Main Control

Easy to use, the Altitude wall control is at the forefront of the market and offers an impressive selection of operating modes. With an attractive and customizable LCD screen on the cutting edge of technology, the Altitude wall control will meet your every day ventilation needs.

The ventilation unit operation is factory set for all 4 periods (mornin, day, evening and night), for week days and week end days. However, these settings can be modified with the program mode. It enables the optimization of the unit operation according to the specific needs of the user

The Smart mode optimizes automatically the ventilation functions to ensure reaching on unsurpassed comfort in the house and increase energy savings. Specifically, it uses indoor relative humidity level and temperature values to manage the air exchange with the outside and maximize occupant's comfort. The Smart mode provides peace of mind.

  • 4 modes: Smart, program, ventilation and recirculation
  • Choice of digital display with day, hour and periods of the day displayed
  • Maintenance indicator
  • Dynamic exchange and recirculation indicators


  • Compatibility: Please refer to the Wall Control Compatibility Chart at the very end of the specification sheet.
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