04804 PLEATED FILTER KIT - No longer available

04804 PLEATED FILTER KIT - No longer available
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  • Manufacturer: Venmar
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MERV 12 replacement pleated filter kit, including 2 prefilters for all HEPA units.

72% efficiency in trapping airborne particles (1 micron and bigger). Helps to reduce household dust. Contains: 1 pleated filter and 2 prefilters. For whole-house HEPA air purification systems and air exchangers. For use with: Venmar: HEPA 1000, HEPA 2000, HEPA 3000, HRV 2500, and Guardian Plus: HF1.0, HF2.0, HF3.0, FR 2.5.Lasts 12-18 months (depending on usage). If your unit is equipped with the wall control option, you should replace your pleated filter when the control filter maintenance light is on and replace only the prefilter when the light is flashing. If you do not have the wall control option, you must replace your pleated filter every 12-18 months and the prefilter every 6 months* (*under normal filter usage conditions, filter duration may vary). 4.06cm x 5.08cm

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